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Small is good. Group size: Min 4/ Max 6. However if you can’t travel on the tour dates or groups is not your thing and would prefer to travel by yourself or with a group of friends and family then …


Our specially designed itineraries and experience in handpicking locations will ensure you never miss an opportunity and can capture everything from breathtaking coast line, quiet and serene sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, starry night skies, river gorges…


We are local experts. Our team consists of highly qualified professional photographers and local guides working closely together with local boutique operators, allowing you to experience a….

Welcome to Blue Tongue Tours

Whether you are a novice or experienced photographer, there is something for everyone in our photographic tours. Each itinerary has been carefully put together with the help of local boutique travel operators, allowing you to experience a diversity of culture, landscape and lighting.

We guarantee a wealth of photographic opportunities, including small group tuition, practical notes and one-to-one support tailored to your individual needs. Explorers with a passion for photography and travel will have a unique opportunity to work with a professional photographer whilst enjoying fine local food and sharing a few stories.

All our small group photo tours are designed to let you experience the very best of the place you explore.