Kalbarri Tours & Workshops (Day Tour/Seasonal)

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Daily Tours
During April, July, September, October.


Improve your photography skills while on location in spectacular Kalbarri. Explore and capture some of Western Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes with one of Australia’s most experienced commercial photographer and landscape shooters – Martial Fatton.




Kalbarri’s majestic coastline boast crystal water, reefs and beaches to explore as well as some awesome surf breaks. Dolphins and whales can be spotted from the shore while the inland river gorges offer the chance to completely immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Awe-inspiring 420 million years old rock formations make up the secluded landscape here, which is absolutely breathtaking, while offering an abundance of native wildlife. The vast sand plains surrounding Kalbarri bust to life late winter early spring with over thousands species of wildflowers, which you can find throughout the National Park in season.

Tour Highlight and Inclusions

During each of the sessions we will explain in simple words how to master your camera settings, go through lens selection and focal for landscape, nature photography, etc. We will also explore the world of image composition, exposure and how to read your histogram before making our way to a selection of locations and put in practice what we just covered. Martial has been working in this part of the world as a professional landscape photographer for over 30 years, and as a mentor, a professional commercial photographer for over 35 years as well as running workshops in partnership with Nikon-Swiss. He will be there to assist you with all your photography questions.  No gimmicks, no upsells, just sound photography advice!

Experience 5 unique itineraries along Australia’s Coral Coast specially designed for photographers. These small-group photography tours and workshops have been carefully put together, allowing you to experience a diversity of breathtaking Australian landscape, rugged coastline and over 420 million years old River Gorges. We guarantee a wealth of photography opportunities, including small group tuition, practical notes and one-to-one support tailored to your individual needs while on-location learning the importance of image composition, available light and night photography techniques.

  • A selection of 6 tours & workshops to choose from
  • All jam packed with an abundance of photography opportunities
  • A water bottle, light refreshment and practical notes
  • Complimentary pick-up at accommodation (available on request)
  • Comfortable air conditioned 4WD/ Bus (incl. 2 water bottle pp p/day & snacks)
  • National Park Fees & all entrance fees to exhibits & locations that we visit
  • A varieties of wildflowers (seasonal)
  • Astrophotography, landscape, nature & macro photography tips
  • An array of iconic National Parks landscapes with plenty of photography time
  • Short accessible walks to explore some of the best photo locations on tour
  • Dawn to dusk photo tour selection
  • Island Rock, Red Bluff, Nature Window, Z-Bend… (Varies between itineraries)
  • As it is our own personalised photo tour, we can stop when and where we want!
  • Professional photography advise
  • Fully escorted tour in English or French
  • Photography group of 2 – 6 participants maximum
  • Advice and trouble shooting tips


Dates:  Seasonal and Flexible with dates

  • April 2024
  • July 2024 (Full)
  • September 2024 (Full)
  • October 2024 (Full)
  • Cost:  $95.00 to $179.00 pp

Non Photographer companion welcome

Take 5% off of the total costs of any tours when you sign up for 2 participants or more tours* (*conditions apply, not valid with any other offers, applicable only for direct online bookings) Spouse, companion & non-photographer welcome.

Escape the busy tracks and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to shoot dramatic scenery from sunrise to sunset, and capture some of Australia Coral Coast most breathtaking landscape. These Kalbarri photo tours are offered as stand-alone tours with option to add other tours & workshops down in Perth. It is a perfect tour to include a non-photographer companion.

  • Opt 1 – Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs and Sunrise Photo Tour     $110.00 pp (3-Hours Session)
  • Opt 2 – Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs and Sunset Photo Tour      $110.00 pp  (3.5-Hours Session)
  • Opt 3 – Kalbarri National Park and Nature Photo Tour     $148.00 pp  (4.5-Hours Session)
  • Opt 4 – Kalbarri Sunset & Blue Light Photo Workshop     $167.00 pp  (3-Hours Session)
  • Opt 5 – Kalbarri NP After Dark Astro Photo Workshop     $179.00 pp ( 3-Hours Session)
  • Opt 6 – Kalbarri Private & Group Photo Coffee Session   $95.00 pp (2-Hours Session)

Full payment at booking is required to secure your spot.


What Is Included?

A unique selection of itineraries around Kalbarri specially designed for photographers

  • 2 – 5 hours tutorial specific to each tour
  • A bottle of water and refreshments
  • Short walks to all photo locations (except for NP Gorges lower river bed access Cat.4-5)
  • Best locations in the world
  • Comfortable air conditioned 4WD/ Bus
  • All entrance fees to exhibits, national parks & locations that we visit for photography
  • Martial’s expertise in guiding and photography instruction

The Advantages of A Workshop

  • Experience a high value photography session
  • Understand your camera settings and lens selection
  • Tutorial specific to each Workshops & Tours
  • Build your confidence and skill level
  • We’ll endeavour to answer all your photography questions
  • Compose and capture amazing images with your own camera
  • Small group tuition, One-to-One time with a professional photographer
  • Our Guides are active Commercial & Landscape Pro Photographer

Level of physical difficulty: 2 of 5 depending on tour selection

These 6 Kalbarri Tours & Workshops starts in Kalbarri and finishes in Kalbarri, refer to our 4-5 DAY KALBARRI PHOTO TOUR OPTION FOR DEPARTURE EX-PERTH.  It is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers of all ages. A moderate level of fitness is required (some walking).


Kalbarri National Park Photo Tour Options

We get lots of requests to open “just one more place” in the sold out workshops, and while we would love to have you along, we would be doing you a disservice if we offered additional places. So during the school holidays, book early to avoid any disappointments!

The relationship between the photographer and the participants is based on a principle of mentorship and guidance; if the numbers are too high it becomes difficult to connect with everyone.  We’re not here to leave you in the dark, hand out some notes then send you on your way!  Everything we teach during the ‘photo session’ is aimed to put you in control of your camera, and giving you real results.


Option 1 - Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs & Sunrise Photo Tour

Enjoy the silence of the early morning and the solitude of breaking dawn along Kalbarri’s Coastal Cliffs!

Better your photography skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of your camera while exploring Blue Hole, Wittecarra Creek and Jake Point. Capture the morning light, the ever changing shadows, image composition and how to create amazing landscape with one of Australia’s most experienced commercial & landscape shooters.

As we drive back, we’ll wrap up with a freshly brewed coffee at one of our favourite spot ‘Bean Drifting’ and check if we can spot a few dolphins playing in the surf at Jake Point. Locations and starting time vary throughout the year depending on weather conditions & the season.

Walk Cat3 – This 3.5-hour session is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers of all ages.


Option 2 - Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs & Sunset Photo Tour

Late afternoon coastal cliffs & beach sunset shoot.

Better your photography while on location in the spectacular Kalbarri region! Gain a comprehensive understanding of your camera and learn about lighting and image composition for landscape. Capture Kalbarri’s iconic Coastal Cliffs as we explore a selection of some of our favourite photo locations along Red Bluff, Eagle Gorge, Pot Alley, Island Rock & Jake Point at sunset with one of Australia’s most experienced commercial & landscape shooters.

As we wait for the perfect light, we’ll wrap up with light refreshment and share a few more tips before heading back to Kalbarri. Locations can vary throughout the year depending on weather conditions & seasons.

Walk Cat2 – This 3.5-hour session is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers of all ages.


Option 3 - Kalbarri National Park & Nature Photo Tour

Immerse yourself in Kalbarri’s stunning 420 million years old inland river gorges, enjoy the silence of the late afternoon and the peacefulness of the national park at dusk!

Whether you are a novice or experienced photographer this is a not to miss opportunity to challenge yourself and learn how to work your image composition and play with the vivid & colourful water reflections deep down in the gorges. Capture Kalbarri’s GRAND national park landscape and amazing rock formations, gain a comprehensive understanding of the afternoon light and how to make the most of the ever changing shadows to create mesmerising images as the sun goes down. Interact with one of Australia’s most experienced commercial & landscape shooters and get valuable tips as we explore Nature Window, Z-Bend, and the Coral Coast brand new twin skywalks at the Inyaka Wookai Watju site (the West Loop), which project 25-metres and-17 metres beyond the gorge rim, more than 100 metres above the Murchison River.

As we drive back, we’ll wrap up with a quick stop at one of our favourite spot ‘Meanarra Hill’ and check if we can spot a few stars peaking out over the township of Kalbarri. Locations and starting time vary throughout the year depending on weather conditions & the season.

Walk Cat2/3 (except for NP Gorges lower river bed access Cat.4-5) – This 4.5 to 5-hour session is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers of all ages.


Option 4 - Kalbarri Sunset & Blue Light Workshop

Create your own fantasy world – Long exposure, Sunset, Water and Stars

Gain a comprehensive understanding of long exposure photography. Learn about available light, image composition and ND Filters (Neutral Density) as we explore Red Bluff, Eagle Gorge, Pot Alley, Rainbow Valley or Jake Point at sunset. As we wait for the perfect light and a few starts to light up the sky, we’ll enjoy light refreshments and share a few more tips before heading back to the beach for some blue light moments. Locations can vary throughout the year depending on weather conditions & the season. This 3-hour session is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers of all ages.

Walk Cat2 – Suitable clothes, patience and a great sense of humour is recommended.


Option 5 - Kalbarri National Park After Dark & Astrophotography

Ever dreamed to capture the Milky Way? Is this on your bucket list?

Join us on a 3.5-hour nightscape adventure, explore the night sky & discover how to take breathtaking images after dark using simple basic camera settings. Astrophotography is one of the world’s fastest growing hobbies and there is no better place to have a go than Kalbarri – limited light pollution as well as an abundance of stunning beaches & river gorges locations to choose from within the National Park.

Walk Cat2-4 – Suitable clothes, patience and a great sense of humour is recommended.


Option 6 - Kalbarri ‘Coffee Session’ Private & Group Photo Tuition

6 simple steps to better your photography skills. Foreshore & beach walk.

With this 2-hour hands-on session our aim is to help you improve your photography skills, whether you just bought a new camera, had one for years but forgot a few things or just enjoy learning new techniques. We will show you some simple composition rules, camera settings, lens selection, hands-on tricks & tips to help you understand your camera. Get off automatic mode and learn the most important buttons and functions on your camera… f-stop, ISO and shutter speeds explained in simple language! This 2-hour session is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers of all ages.

Walk Cat1 – No gimmicks, no upsells, just sound photography advice!

A perfect add-on before your KALBARRI Photo Tours is our PERTH HALF DAY TOUR or following straight after our KALBARRI Photo Tours join us on our PINNACLES Photo Tour extension.

Photography Outline

Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Astro, Wildflowers in season (each specific to the tour selected)

In addition to great daylight photo opportunities or night excursions, we will also touch on the following photography topics, including:

  • Dare to go manual Vs Auto camera settings, when to change
  • Working with available light [read & understand the light]
  • What lenses should I use
  • Understanding your DSLR camera
  • Camera settings for macro
  • Camera settings for landscape photography
  • Camera settings for nature photography
  • Camera settings for astrophotography
  • Image composition, the golden rules and how to break it!
  • How to read your histogram and how to fine-tune-it?
  • Depth of Field calculation, be in control
  • Camera settings to take the perfect shot every time
  • Adjust your image exposure in relation to your subject
  • Capturing raw
  • Post-processing

                            Personal Items & Weather Conditions

                            Temperature can range from: 8-24C in winter to 25-45C in the peak of summer

                            Average monthly rain for this time of year: 1day/ Jan-Feb- Mar and 8day/ Jun-Jul-Aug

                            Be organized and pack smart. Sturdy shoes, hat and sunscreen are essential. We will email you a more detailed and updated recommendation list on what to bring with your booking confirmation depending on the time of the years and weather conditions. I recommend packing a basic easy to grab jacket or lightweight rain coat, etc. in a smaller backpack or in your camera bag in case the weather changes suddenly.

                            Light weight rain jacket and rain pants. You don’t have to go all out here, but it will also help you to keep warm at night. * I really suggest a rain jacket if nothing else, the rain gear will keep you dry when walking in the parks. I have a pair of Teflon rain pants & jacket, super light and perfect to keep in you camera bag in case of a sudden change in the weather.

                            A warm jacket, long trousers and a jumper or light jacket during the winter month is a must. It can get really cold late afternoon with the seabreeze all year round.

                            Hat and sunscreen protection, water bottle is a must in Kalbarri.



                            Camera Equipment

                            Your favourite DSLR camera, a multi focal lens (i.e 18-70mm) or fix lens, the wider the angle the better, and a medium to long-range lens (i.e. 80-300mm), plenty of memory cards and fully charged batteries. A small steady tripod & cable release for long exposure is essential. Don’t forget to bring your camera manual if you are not 100% sure about your camera functions. Please note that for better results a recent DSLR digital camera is preferable (0-5yrs old) as technology changes. Polarizer filter, Neutral Density and grabs filters are not a prerequisite but are great tools to have for long exposure and colour saturation.

                            These tours and workshops are suitable for beginners and advanced photographers of all ages, however a good sense of humour and minimum fitness is recommended. Sturdy shoes, suitable warm cloths, drink bottle and a good camera bag!

                            Tour Extensions

                            A perfect add-on before your Kalbarri Photo Tour is our Half Day Perth photo tour or after your Kalbarri Photo Tour to join us on a Pinnacles National Park After Dark Astro Photo Workshop

                            Take 5% off of the total costs of any tours when you sign up for 2 or more.


                            Perth By Night Photography Tour and Perth Photography Tours

                            Flexible with dates |  Available all year round

                            Click here for more information »


                            National Park After Dark | Pinnacles Night Photo Tour

                            Flexible with dates |  Available all year round (Jan-Fev N/R)

                            Click here for more information

                            Cancellations, Refunds, Guides & Weather Policy

                            Cancellations and Refunds

                            Cancellation Policy: A 25 – 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your seat depending on the tour that you have selected - refer to individual itinerary. Seats to be paid in full at the time of booking or within 4 weeks of departure on all Australian tours except all extended tours; 8 weeks for Karijini, Exmouth to Broome, Golden Outback & Southwest WA, Margaret River, Kalbarri Coral Coast 5-Day and Wave Rock, and 12 weeks on all extended European & USA tours including: Paris, Zermatt, Venice, Tuscany, Italian Dolomites, Swiss & French Alps tour and USA Canyons & National Parks. Cancellations less than 30 days on day tours no refund; 12 weeks for all extended tours, including: Karijini, Exmouth to Broome, Golden Outback & Southwest WA, Margaret River, Kalbarri Coral Coast 5-Day and Wave Rock, it also includes all our international tours & workshops: Paris, Zermatt, Venice, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Italian Dolomites, Swiss & French Alps tour and all the North American tours. Deposits non refundable except tours cancelled due to sever weather, mechanical failure or minimum numbers not met; full refund will be given. Minimum and maximum numbers are at the discretion of the operator. Tours already commenced no refund. No refund for tours missed due to lateness & sickness. Travel insurance and public liability (in the even you accidentally damage someone else property) are mandatory on all our extended tours and highly recommended on day tours as well. Check-in 15 minutes prior to departure. Maximum 1 baggage* per person i.e. Camera bag water bottle jumper (Extra luggage* allowance on all extended tours (1 pp – personal effects) NOTE: We cannot guarantee that you will see kangaroos emus or any wild animals on our tours nor wildflowers as they are seasonal. For MasterClass workshops extended tours and international travel policy please check our website or individual tours.


                            Tour Guides

                            Our tours leader is Martial Fatton – Blue Tongue Tours Owner/ Operator, however we reserve the right to provide a photographer of our choosing, which we guarantee is competent of their position. Your assigned photographer might change from initial notification until the tour departure due to illness, engagements or any other reason deemed necessary by Blue Tongue Tours, not limited to the photographers listed on this site. While we do our best to match you with a photographer of your choosing if requested, for these reasons we cannot guarantee a specific photographer for an individual tour.


                            Inclement Weather Policy

                            In the event of inclement weather, before the tour commences, you have the option of a) continuing the tour as planned and we’ll do our best to concentrate the tour to areas sheltered from the elements. At prior request, we can provide an umbrella. Or b) rescheduling the tour at no additional cost (availability permitting). 

                            Itineraries are subject to change depending on weather and other circonstances beyond our control. Changes in the itinerary are always made to provide the best possible experience and safety of our clients!