Personal Items and Weather Conditions

Temperature range for this time of year: 2C to 25C but it can get very cold in altitude.

Average monthly snowfall for this time of year: 10%

Two pairs of shoes: One sturdy pair for in the field that you can get wet if we have a rain day. One pair for evenings or the next day in case the first pair is not dry.

Light weight rain jacket and rain pants. You don’t have to go all out here, but it will also help you to keep warm at night. * I really suggest a rain jacket if nothing else, the rain gear will keep you dry when walking in the mountain. I have a pair of Teflon rain pants & jacket, super light and perfect to keep in you camera bag in case of a sudden change in the weather.

A warm jacket, gloves, ‘woolly knickers’ and a jumper or light jacket for those early morning shoots.  It can get really cold at high altitude all year round, and specially at 4am as we wait for the sun to rise at 2’620 m over sea level.

Hat and high altitude sun screen protection.

Try to pack light on this Swiss & French Photo Tour, as you will have to transport your luggage between the train station and Hotel Dufor. You will also need to pack and carry a basic change of cloth in your camera bag for the overnight workshop at Lake Stellisee (Elev. 2,537 m)… our Mountain Cabin is a short 30-40 minutes walk between Sunnegga and Fluhalp. Drop off laundry service is available at most Hotels


Camera Equipment

Your favourite DSLR camera, a multi focal lens (i.e 18-70mm) or fix lens, the wider the angle the better (i.e 14, 18,20mm full frame camera and 10, 12mm cropped sensor camera), and a medium to long-range lens (i.e. 80-300mm), plenty of memory cards and fully charged batteries. A small steady tripod & cable release for long exposure is essential. Don’t forget to bring your camera manual if you are not 100% sure about your camera functions. Please note that for better results a recent DSLR digital camera is preferable (0-5yrs old) as technology changes. Polarizer filter, Neutral Density and grabs filters are not a prerequisite but are great tools to have for long exposure and colour saturation.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced photographers of all ages, however a good sense of humour and minimum fitness is recommended. Sturdy shoes, suitable warm cloths, drink bottle, a head torch and a good camera bag… remember, you will be the one carrying your own photography gears!