Pinnacles Desert After Dark Stargazing and ‘Astrophotography’ Photo Tour (Day/ Night Tour)  

This Pinnacles Fauna, Flora & Nature Photography Day Tour starts late morning from Perth (departure times are subject to change with the seasons). Our first stop is at Yanchep National Park for a quick stretch and meet some of the locals – Kangaroo, Koala & Emus can be spotted in the area. We’ll break at Nilgen Nature Reserve Lookout for a quick look around, a truly unique western Australian flora smorgasbord all year round and a perfect stop for macro photography.

Built in 2010, the new Indian Ocean Drive will take us through an amazing diversity of landscapes, flora and spectacular ocean views. As we approach the sand dunes along the Turquoise Coast, you could be forgiven for thinking they were snow-covered mountains as the sand is so stunningly white. Further north, 210 kilometres from where we started the day, the Nambung National Park is the highlights of the day. Fresh local crayfish in Cervantes is a must before heading back to the great Ocean Rd and iconic Pinnacles Desert, offering a splendour of photographic opportunities, casting dramatic shadows with the ever-changing light.

Although the best period of the year to capture the Milky Way in the southern hemisphere is Autumn, Winter and Spring (March to October), the Pinnacle Desert is an amazing place to visit through out the year at Sunset, Golden/ Blue Hour and After Dark. As the night fall, the starry sky become this amazing back drop blanket, creating this breathtaking surreal landscape with thousand of stars lighting-up the Pinnacles with ever-changing light-shadow all year round.

Depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions, we’ll slowly make our way back to Perth between 8.00 – 9.00pm with the aim of getting back in town around 10.00 - 11.00pm

A perfect add-on before your PINNACLES NIGHT Photo Tour is our PERTH HALF DAY TOUR or following straight after our PINNACLES NIGHT join us on our 3-4 DAY GEOGRAPHE BAY & MARGARET RIVER Photo Tour extension.