Kalbarri - photography

Photography Outline

Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Astro, Wildflowers in season (each specific to the tour selected)

In addition to great daylight photo opportunities or night excursions, we will also touch on the following photography topics, including:

  • Dare to go manual Vs Auto camera settings, when to change
  • Working with available light [read & understand the light]
  • What lenses should I use
  • Understanding your DSLR camera
  • Camera settings for macro
  • Camera settings for landscape photography
  • Camera settings for nature photography
  • Camera settings for astrophotography
  • Image composition, the golden rules and how to break it!
  • How to read your histogram and how to fine-tune-it?
  • Depth of Field calculation, be in control
  • Camera settings to take the perfect shot every time
  • Adjust your image exposure in relation to your subject
  • Capturing raw
  • Post-processing